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The OzHunting Bulletin Board is not your ordinary Hunting Bulletin Board.

To this effect, your personal details are required to be entered before gaining entry to our members section including the Forums, Classifieds & Hunting Events, Wetland Database, Surveys & the META Site.

The OzHunting Team are members of the Australian hunting community, members of various hunting organisations such as SSAA, Field & Game Australia and GameCon and as such fully understand and respect your privacy.

Your details are only used in communication between OzHunting and yourself, as a member of the OzHunting Internet Hunting Community.

Your details are kept private and are NOT passed on or sold to any third party.

We also understand that you may not be comfortable with our policy but for legal reasons we must adhere to this policy.

If you still wish to become a part of the OzHunting Community, please continue.

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